Samsung ST96 Camera Review

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The Samsung ST96 is a great compact camera that sports an impressive 14.5-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, and it can also capture extremely high-quality full HD images and videos. With online retailers selling the ST96 for as little as £130, this could be the perfect camera for those of you on a budget. Let’s take a closer look…

You don’t get a great deal of accessories included with the Samsung ST96, but you do get the items you need including a wall adapter, USB charge / sync cable as well as the user manual and warranty information.

The Samsung ST96 features an all-black design, with the front of the camera sporting a brushed aluminium design.

The weight is something that surprised me as well, with it being almost non-existent. The total weight is around 110g, so you’re not going to get any cramps or aches for holding the camera up for too long.

Moving on to the ports and various buttons, the front of the camera is fairly standard with the flash, lens and Samsung logo being featured here.

The top of the ST96 features the model (ST96), the speaker, power buttons and also the shutter / zoom button.









Moving round to the rear of the camera we’ve got the 2.7-inch TFT LCD display. Surrounding the display are the standard camera buttons including Menu, Mode, Library and Delete. You’ve then got the Display, Flash, Macro and Timer buttons in the centre.

Above all of these is the record button, which is a dedicated button for controlling the video record feature of the Samsung ST96. You might remember this from the Samsung WB750 camera we reviewed a week ago.

The bottom of the camera features the battery compartment, for the battery and SD card, and the camera mounting hole.

Moving around to the right side of the ST96, we can see the microUSB port and micro HDMI port. Next to this we’ve got the camera strap holes.









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