SGP Liner Color Series Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

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SGP is a very popular case manufacturer, known to produce some nice looking cases. Today we have our hands on the SGP Linear Colour Series, this is a three part case, it has a upper frame, a lower frame and a back plate. You can get up too 11 Crystal Series and 11 Colour Series, and you can mix and match all the cases to make up to 1,452 different styles. It’s a slim fit, it has easy access and it looks the way you want it.

Product Overview

When you take the case out of the packaging you may think it looks like a struggle to get the case on, as there are 3 parts. But do not fear its easier than it looks and it only takes a few seconds. You start with the back plate then snap on the other parts, you have to have a back plate on the case so don’t go thinking you can just have the side rims as it will not fit.

Your iPhone is sat inside nice and snug, i was a bit weary the case would fall apart but trust me, its going nowhere. It feels very very good in the hand, its nice and smoothe. You may have a small problem with the 30 pin connector port as its a bit tight and it doesn’t fit on some of my docks. Also the headphone jack cutout is also a bit small so if your plugging in big studio headphones you may have a problem, its a bit disappointing as this case is one that you want to keep on for a good while.

The case covers the whole back and sides of the iPhone and it also has a very small lip on the front of the iPhone so that when laying the iDevice face down on a surface the screen isn’t actually touching the surface providing more protection for you iPhone. On most cases the lip rests on the front of the phone, on the SGP Linear Series at actually rests just above the aluminium rails around the iPhone 4/4S which personally i prefer as its showing more of the beautiful screen.

Overall Opinion

Overall this case is very stylish and it protects your iPhone 4/4S very well, i like that you can mix and match between different colours and design a case which fits your style a bit more. It feels great in the hand and the whole three piece design works great. The only downfall is that i need to take the case off when placing onto my docks and using some third party accessories. Which knocks a couple stars off, if they fixed this in later updates then this could of been a real winner.


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