Snugg iPad Case Review

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Testing and Usage

To test the Snugg iPad case effectively, I’ve been using it as my main case for the past week, during which I’ve been out in the car, around the house and writing reviews with the Snugg.

As this is our first tablet case review, here are the three areas that we test cases against. Protection, Security and Usability.


Based on my past week of use, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Snugg iPad case is up there with the best in terms of protecting your (very expensive) iPad unlike similar priced alternatives such as Apple’s own iPad case. The thickness of the case may put some people off but to be honest, when it comes to protecting your technology you need the very best. Also, if you open up the Snugg you’ll see that the iPad’s screen is a good 3mm below the top of the leather shell holding it in place; this therefore means that it will be very difficult to scratch the iPad’s screen if say a small stone managed to somehow get into the case when the case was shut.


The first security measure we see in the Snugg is the magnetic cover. I found that when the case was shut, the magnets were extremely difficult to break apart whilst the bag was being moved around. This, when combined with the outer edge leather holding the iPad in place, created a very compact, secure case to hold your beloved iPad.


Whilst I’ve been using the Snugg, I’ve found that it does exactly what it says on the tin (well, cardboard band).  All of the features, such as the viewing stand and protective case have proved to work brilliantly. When using the stand I found that the iPad was very secure; even when I went to press the home button, I could easily press it without holding the iPad as the case barely moved.