Snugg iPad Case Review

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All in all, testing the Snugg iPad case has been a pleasure and is a much better experience than the one I had with Apple’s own case. The protection, security and usability alone would be enough to make you want to buy the Snugg, but mixed in the the viewing stand and ability to connect it up with the Snugg iPad Car Headrest Mount, you’re getting an amazing deal with the Snugg iPad case.

The Snugg is currently price at £28.99 which is actually cheaper than Apple’s case and you’re getting more for your money! If you’d like to purchase the Headrest Mount as well, this is currently priced at £19.99. (Links to Amazon can be found at the end of the review)

As you all probably know as well, the iPad 2 is currently being released all over the world and will be here, in the UK, on the 25th March. Well Snugg’s has recently launched there case for the iPad 2, which I have no doubt will be as popular as the original Snugg. Click here to visit Snugg’s website for more upto date information as it arrives.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Apple iPad Case that not only protects your iPad but improves the experience as a whole, then the Snugg is only option really.

We’d like to thank Snugg for providing us with this review sample. You can also click here to purchase the Snugg from amazon.

Snugg iPad Case Review