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Bluetooth speakers, there’s definitely not a shortage of them out there. For the most part they’re just relatively decent speakers cased inside a cheap plastic shell. Sond Audio are a relatively new UK-based company that are committed to creating high-quality audio products. They claim that they don’t release a new product until they’re certain that it meets their exacting standards. Let’s see how well the Bluetooth NTC Wooden Speaker performs.

The NTC wooden speaker sports a very stylish and modern wooden exterior, and also houses two 5W speakers and one 12W speaker.


In total there are six buttons on the speaker, with the volume buttons doubling up as next and previous buttons.

From left to right, you’ve got the Bluetooth connection button and previous track button, then the power button and the play / pause button, and finally the AUX / FM button and the next track button.

There doesn’t appear to be any branding on the speaker, apart from on the rear. This makes for a nice clean look, but you’d think that something small and subtle in a corner would be better than nothing…


The speaker is compatible with a whole range of different devices, including iPhones, iPods and many other bluetooth-enabled devices. If you’re looking to hook a device that doesn’t have bluetooth then that’s entirely possible thanks to the AUX input jack on the rear of the speaker.

The rear of the speaker also features two USB charging ports to help keep your music going for longer, or to even charge up a separate device. And then you’ve also got the FM radio antenna input jack for use with the built-in radio. The speaker is mains powered.


Package Contents

FM Radio Antenna

MicroUSB cable

AUX cable



All in all, the NTC Bluetooth speaker from Sond Audio has been an absolute joy to test. Their claims that they only release new products when they meet their exacting standards are definitely backed up by how well the NTC Wooden Speaker has performed.

Both build quality and audio quality are spot on. There’s really nothing to fault in terms of these.

As I mentioned before, the volume / skip track buttons double up when connected via Bluetooth, so you’ll have to remember to hold down the buttons to change volume and give the buttons a quick press to change tracks.

Retailing for £69.99 we feel the Sond Audio NTC Wooden Speaker is definitely worth the money. At the time of writing this article the speaker is currently discounted on Ebuyer from £69.99 to £39.99! So head over to Ebuyer and grab yourself a bargain.


  • Great build quality
  • Reasonably priced
  • Looks good
  • Top notch audio quality


  • None
10 StarsGreat Value

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