SoundFace Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many companies stating that theirs is both portable and powerful. The vast majority end up being either one or the other. Todays product, the Bluetooth Speaker by SoundFace, has amassed much praise over the past few months though. With some reviewers stating that the SoundFace speaker is “one of the best bluetooth speakers for under £100.”


What’s in the box?

As with most speakers, it arrives with what you’d expect to be bundled in with it. You get the corded USB cable, user manual and wall adapter as well as a very handy SoundFace carry case and AUX cable. Combined with the fact that it all arrived in a box that oozes quality (which took me a long time to open thanks to the very unique and creative sliding door mechanism) and is quite honestly the best box I’ve ever seen on a product (never thought I’d say that in a review!).


Tech Specs

Based on the size of the speaker, you wouldn’t think there’s too much happening on the inside. If you did think that, you’d be very wrong. According to SoundFace’s technical specifications, behind the mesh exterior we have 1 x 55mm subwoofer, 2 x 40mm full range speaker drivers and also 2 x dedicated passive radiators.

Think that sounds good? Well, combined with the range of audio hardware, we’ve also got a 3500mAh / 3800mAh lithium ion battery (the website and the product state differing figures – we’ll look in to this for you!) that allows for up to 10 hours of music play time.

If you didn’t think that the subwoofer, drivers and radiators were enough, well you also have the option to purchase another SoundFace speaker and pair them together for an even more immersive audio experience.


Aesthetics / Design

Whilst only taking up a small amount of space, the actual design of the SoundFace speaker is quite amazing. Not only has it been designed with beauty in mind, it has been designed to produce the best possible sound thanks to the speaker grill covering around 80% of the entire unit.

Each end of the speaker houses different functions. On the left side we have a USB port to charge your smartphone or tablet, an AUX port if you don’t fancy using Bluetooth, the power port for charging your speaker and the NFC logo indicating that NFC easy pairing is featured on the device.

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Moving over to the right, we have our speaker controls. Organised in the shape of a square, we’ve got the volume up / down buttons on the left, the battery power indicator and the bluetooth pairing button. Situated in the centre of these is the power switch. A relatively simple, yet effective conglomerate of buttons.

Moving to the base of the speaker we see the rubber foot to prevent slipping, as well as the usual information such as the company name / address, the company logo and various copyright and trademark protection identifiers.

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Despite already being a very attractive bit of kit, SoundFace have also given you the option of two other grill choices. So there’s the classic grill, which is the one we’re reviewing today, a honeycomb grill and also a razor grill. All equally appealing, but in my personal opinion honeycomb wins every time as it matches the front grill on my car.


Set Up and Testing

With very little to do regarding the actual setting up of the speaker, the process was very quick and painless. Making sure that you’ve charged the speaker up, you just need to hold down the bluetooth pairing button, wait for the device to show up on your smartphone or tablet and pair the two together. Once you’re paired together a noise will sound indicating you’re ready to go.

To test the SoundFace Bluetooth Speaker I’m testing for a variety of different things, including clarity and audio quality in general.

I personally have a very wide range of genres on my various Spotify playlists, so having a diverse range of music to test the speaker certainly won’t be a problem.

First off, I tested the device for a while using both bluetooth and the included AUX cable, and couldn’t identify any difference in audio quality. Obviously whilst using the AUX cable you’ll get a little bit more use out of the battery. We managed to get just under 11 hours of continuous play time whilst hooked up to the speaker. Bluetooth enabled us to get around 9 / 10 hours of playback. Certainly not bad by any standards, but bluetooth will obviously use a little bit more power.

I tested a range of songs out on the speaker. Some included the following for their different sounds, instruments used and just because I personally like them:

  • Mark RonsonUptown Funk
  • ELODon’t Bring Me Down
  • Biffy ClyroBiblical
  • Bomfunk MC’sFreestyler
  • ModestepShow Me A Sign
  • The WhoBaba O’Riley

Of the few listed, all performed spectacularly. Exceeding expectations actually. The bass quality for a portable bluetooth speaker was phenomenal, bordering on par with my experience with the £300 Bayan 7 speaker.

Up on cranking the volume all the way up there was no distortion whatsoever. An impressive feat for a speaker that’s very lightweight and portable. One thing I did find was that despite the bass being phenomenal, turning the speaker up full did mean that the speaker grew a mind of its own and started moving around my desk during the heavy bass-filled tracks. Not a problem per se, but I did have to turn the volume down a notch or two to stop the speaker eventually falling off the edge of my desk if left unattended.

As stated on the SoundFace website, the speaker can also be used for calls as well thanks to the built-in noise cancelling microphone and crystal clear sound quality.


All in all the SoundFace has proved to be a wondrous audio experience, both for everyday listening whilst working and rocking out to some of your favourite tunes during some downtime. With the incredibly clear bass / treble and powerful mid-tones, the SoundFace speaker offers an audio experience you wouldn’t expect from a bluetooth speaker.

With a price tag of £78, available from the SoundFace website, you can’t really go wrong. I’m personally considering buying a couple to pair together and use for parties and gatherings with the family around holidays! The SoundFace could easily replace your existing HiFi or stereo system, without a doubt.

The SoundFace Bluetooth Speaker is receiving both the Editor’s Choice and Great Value award from me, as well as 10/10 stars.

Bottom Line: I’ve used my fair share of bluetooth speakers, but none come close to the immense power and build quality seen from the SoundFace Bluetooth Speaker.