Speck Burton Fitted Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

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Speck have team up with Burton the snowboard company to bring a new look to Specks cases, and I must say it looks very unique. They have now placed fabric on the back of the iPhone 4/4S case to give more of a ‘snowboarding’ look to it. Here is our review of the Speck Burton Fitted Case.

Product Overview

This case is a custom edition due to its partnership with Burton, they have now places a unique sheet of fabric on the back of the case to give it more of a ‘stylish’ look to it.

When I took the case out of the packaging it was very light, so it will not add much weight to your phone. It is a two piece design where the case snaps perfectly apart splitting the case in half, I then placed my iPhone 4 inside and snapped it back together, this was super easy to do. All of the ports and buttons was aligned perfectly (which every case should be). Speck have recently made their cut out for the camera much bigger giving it a unique look to its other competitors.

This case has curved sides to it which makes it feel perfect when in the hand, the connections are very smooth, there is no sharp bits which means the case manufacturing was very high quality and not 1mm was out of place. The black edge to the case went very well with the black iPhone and the blue fabric really gives it that punch. The protection is fairly good, its a thin case but it has a nice lip to it giving it a good lay on the table protection, the sides and back is protected so this will protect it very well with everyday use.

Overall Opinion

Overall this case really hits my taste buds, it looks great with its custom edition fabric design and it feels even better in the hand while at the same time protecting your case fairly well. And there is a lot of different colours to choose from! The only thing which I struggled with is taking the case off and maybe the lip was a bit big for my liking. But still a very impressive case!