Spire TherMax Pro CPU Cooler Review

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What started from simply an aluminium block in the Intel Pentium I era, CPU coolers have become one of the most adapted pieces of hardware used in computers. However, the principle of such a product is much the same to how it stood back in 1993 when the original Intel Pentium microprocessor was introduced.

In the last few years, there seems to have been a definite slow-down in the modification of CPU coolers. Companies are now seeming to follow a standard: aluminium fins, copper heat-pipes and a 120mm fan. And would you blame them? Well as the saying goes ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, so probably not. Today, for review, we have a CPU cooler from a company named ‘Spire’, they’re fairly new to us, so let’s see if this TherMax Pro cooler surprises us with any new offerings to the processor cooling scene…


Intel 775/1156/1366
AMD AM2/AM3/940/939


  • Three 8mm all copper u shaped heat-pipes
  • All new Direct-Touch heat-pipe technology
  • UV-reactant 90mm BlueStar fan design
  • Amazingly silent at just 25.0 dBA
  • PCI-Fan speed controller included
  • 45 stamped Aluminium Micro-Fin’s
  • Supports the latest Intel & AMD micro-processors


Spire TherMax Pro CPU Cooler