DisplayPort to VGA Converter Review

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For those of you with an Apple MacBook Pro, it’s always annoying when you want to be able to just hook up one of your spare monitors, but you find that the MacBook Pro doesn’t even have a VGA port! Well, the DisplayPort to VGA Converter is be the ideal companion for your MacBook Pro. Retailing at around £28, it’s cheaper than the alternatives from Apple and works even better.

You might not have heard of, but they sell everything from audio and video products to cables to computer power supplies.

The DisplayPort to VGA Converter we have to review today is one of those many products and can support PC resolutions of up to 1920×1200 as well as HDTV resolutions up to 1080p. Thanks to the gold plated connectors, connectivity between the two devices is very strong and you shouldn’t experience any problems regarding loose or faulty connections.

If we take a look around the converter, we have the DisplayPort on one end, which will plug in to the DisplayPort on your MacBook Pro, or whatever your computer of choice is.

Moving to the other side, we have the standard VGA cable, which you’ll use to hook up your monitor or TV to the computer.









If you’re looking for an adapter that features a Mini DisplayPort for use with your MacBook Air, then also have these and more available via their website.

After hooking up the DisplayPort to VGA Converter, everything was very quick and the quality on my external monitor was very good.

When compared with the official Apple adapter that I purchased a few months ago, the adapter is of an extremely high quality and I experience no fuzziness or static on the monitor, unlike the Apple adapter which I eventually just chucked in the bin because it was annoying me so much!


Overall, for the relatively low price, you’re receiving a very high quality product that features gold-plated connections making the connection between devices much more stable.

The DisplayPort to VGA Converter is ideal for anyone who’s looking to hook up an external monitor to their laptop or PC, and if you’ve looked at the review for some of the official Apple adapters then you will know that this is, by far, the more superior product.


  • Simple to use
  • Affordable
  • High quality parts


  • None