SteelSeries Sensei Fnatic Gaming Mouse Review

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The SteelSeries Sensei Fnatic Gaming Mouse features a black and white with a hint of orange. In terms of the overall design, it looks exactly the same as every other standard mouse on the market. There’s no special thumb rests or shapes here.

There are two buttons on each side of the mouse and one on top. The side buttons are easily and comfortably accessible, which is important if hours of game play is involved. The top button is used to double the sensitivity by overclocking the DCPI from 5700 to 11400, thanks to the 32-bit ARM processor inside the Sensei Fnatic.









The ability to change the DCPI so dramatically is an excellent feature I’ve not seen on any of the mice I’ve previously used. It would be very useful for people who have a multiple screen set-ups, like myself, obviously allowing them to get from one to the other with very little effort.


When connecting the mouse for the first time, all side buttons are on a default setting.

To get the most out of the SteelSeries Sensei Fnatic Gaming Mouse you’ll need to download the Sensei Fnatic’s from the SteelSeries website. The software will allow you to customize the programmable buttons that are located around the mouse.

By customizing the side buttons you can change them to perform certain actions, when pressed, in your game of choice.

If, however, you don’t want to start installing random pieces of software on to your computer, you can still use the mouse perfectly well without downloading the software.

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