SteelSeries Shift Keyboard : Medal Of Honour Gaming Edition

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The ability to remove the entire keyset of a keyboard is something SteelSeries have played around with in the past and it seems to have stuck: the Shift is equipped with a similarly engineered removable keyset to the ZBoard. With specialist key sets available for specific games to slot in to the Shift base, this gaming keyboard appears to offer something extra besides retaining many of the keyboard gizmos we’ve come to expect as standard: macro programmable keys, a USB hub and specialist software to name a few.  Let’s see if the aptly named Keyboard chameleon can deliver.


  • Dimensions: 40x490x190 (mm)
  • Input: 2x USB2.0
  • Output: 2x USB2.0, Audio, Microphone
  • Operating System: Windows Vista/7/Mac OSX

The Package

The box design is clearly laid out with a large image of the Medal of Honor edition of the keyboard adorning the front.

N.B. The Shift keyboard can be purchased in its regular edition or as a special edition model (such as the one we’re taking a look at which includes an interchangeable keyset designed for a specific game alongside the regular keyset). To date, specialised key layouts exist for World of Warcraft, Medal of Honor and StarCraft II.

Inside, there’s a manual, sticker and additional piece of literature directing the user to the SteelSeries website to obtain the relevant software.

steelseries shift steelseries shift

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