Synology USB Station 2 Review

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With the amount of USB devices that you can attach to your computer, people are always running out of room for them. Well, today we’ve got the Synology USB Station 2, which plugs directly into your router to allow access to any USB device over your network. It’s small and can be placed anywhere, but how well will it perform? Let’s find out…

The box for the USB Station is fairly simple and straight to the point with “USB Station 2” written boldly in the centre of the box. Below this, there are three icons; print, multimedia and download.

The back of the box shows what ways you could use the Synology USB Station 2 if you were looking to connect a whole array of devices to it.









Included with the USB Station is the wall charger, Ethernet cable, instructions and software CD, as well as two Synology pens that were bundled in for some reason.

The Synology USB Station 2 sports a grey and white design, nothing too flashy, but it looks fairly sleek and easy to use.

On the top we can see the Synology logo in the centre. On the front, three LED indicators sit in a row telling us whether the USB Station is powered on, connected to the LAN and whether there is a USB disk connected.









The underside of the Synology USB Station 2 features four rubber feet to stop the station from slipping. The USB Station also has two holes in the centre to attach the station to the wall if you so wish (just don’t move your PC to the other side of the room, otherwise you’ll have two random screws in your wall).

The rear of the USB station is where everything is plugged in. We have the power adapter port, Ethernet port and two USB ports. You’ll also notice a “Disconnect USB Disk” button on the left and the reset button next to the USB ports.









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