Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

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Installation and Testing

Here at Tech-Reviews, we test our keyboards for around two days just to get used to them and test there wide range of features ready for reviewing. We test the keyboards comfort, performance during gaming and performance during general use.

The Challenger Pro features a small wrist rest, which to be honest could be slightly longer (maybe an inch or so), but it still performs relatively well in reducing wrist ache from prolonged use. The keys are very easy to press down and are fairly soft. Sound wise, the keys are not overly “clicky” which, personally, I find to be quite distracting whilst at your computer so the quietness is definitely a advantage here for me.

During gaming, the Challenger Pro performed extremely well. I tested the keyboard in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, in which the macro keys came in fairly handy. One problem I did find was that the macro keys located on the left side were in a very odd place as when I went to press one, this meant abandoning the WASD keys which then stopped my gameplay essentially. I think that the macro keys would have been been more useful placed above the WASD controls, but nethertheless, the five on the right seemed to work relatively well whilst balanced running and shooting at the same time.

I tested out the included “hand cooling device” which seems to me like it’s more of a gimmick than selling point due to it providing a slight breeze but no where near enough if it were a hot day and your room was boiling. The ability to place it at either end of the keyboard and change it’s direction was a very nice feature for me though.

During general use, again, the Challenger Pro performed amazing well whilst writing reviews, emails and browsing the web. I used the Challenger Pro to write this review and have to say the short and closely spaced keys really do speed up your typing, more so than if you were using a generic keyboard that has fairly chunky and spaced out keys.