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Ever thought that more LED lights are needed when using a bluetooth speaker? Well, look no further! The Infinity Speaker from ThumbsUp! might be just what you’re looking for. The speaker features an LED equaliser with built-in mirror. They claim that this gives the illusion that light is gearing off into infinity and moves in time with your music. Let’s take a closer look.

Currently, the Infinity Speaker from ThumbsUp! is on sale on Amazon for the eye-watering price of £43.15. A little over-priced for a novelty speaker, in my opinion.

The speaker looks of a fairly decent quality though, and sports a matte black exterior with a mirrored front. This is where the LEDs for the LED equaliser are situated.


The speaker boasts 6 watts of “sophisticated sound” and is compatible with most wireless devices (bluetooth enabled devices). Unfortunately the website doesn’t list devices that may not be compatible.

There’s not a great deal to say about the design of the speaker really. It’s oval shaped, features three main control button on the top with both speakers being situated on either side of the speaker.


The rear of the device is where you’ll find the power switch, AUX in and the microUSB charging port.


Package Contents

Infinity Speaker

MicroUSB charging cable

AUX cable

User Manual


For a price tag that is close to £50, I was expecting a lot more value for money. I can’t fault the build quality, but in terms of audio quality the Infinity Speaker lacks decent mids / highs. The bass was also slightly distorted at times.

With regards to the novelty mirrored LED equaliser, that works relatively well but I found that the volume had to be up quite loud for the LEDs to work correctly.


  • Decent build quality
  • Battery life is good


  • Too expensive
  • Audio quality is not great for the price
6 Stars

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