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Bundles of anything are usually a great idea, they’re convenient, offer a discount versus what the constituent parts would cost normally and often have an added value bonus, be that a voucher or an extra freebie in the box. The Tt eSPORTS Commander gaming keyboard and mouse is a little different though…

It’s still convenient but it isn’t a bundle of items that would normally be available separately, you can’t get either the mouse or keyboard on its own. Whilst not unheard of, it’s a strange decision to offer neither of the items separately; and as we’ll get onto later, there are reasons you might want one part of this kit and not the other.



Keyboard Specs


Mouse Specs

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All-in-all the Tt eSPORTS Commander Gaming Gear Combo is a great value bundle containing two solid, if not remarkable, bits of kit. For the price you’ll not find any reason to complain about the quality as this bundle is priced so keenly. If you’re on the lookout for an affordable keyboard or mouse we’d recommend you don’t overlook this bundle as it does represent really good value for money. Users that game a lot will also find the option to purchase metal WASD buttons tempting – these are available separately from the TtEsports store.


  • Mouse is comfortable, apart from the weird step at the back
  • Looks cool - a little bit like the Razer Mamba, thanks to the split front-end
  • Keyboard has bright backlighting
  • Handy FN keys, just like a laptop


  • People with larger hands may struggle to use the mouse, due to the shape
  • No way to know current DPI setting on mouse
  • Keyboard lacks right-click context menu button
  • Bolt-on panel effect looks weird on keyboard
7 Stars

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