UAG Pathfinder iPhone 7 Plus Case Review

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Having previously tested a few of UAG’s products, I can vouch for their durability and value for money. Today we’re checking out the UAG Pathfinder Rugged Case for iPhone 7 Plus, which boasts a classic tough-looking, composite design with a soft impact-absorbing core. It retails for £29.99 from MobileFun, so let’s see how well this UAG case holds up.

The Pathfinder sports a similar design to the UAG Navigator case we reviewed for the iPhone 6, which I quite liked. The case we’re testing today has an all-black colour scheme, as well as the Urban Armour Gear logo in the centre (pictured below).


There are cutouts for the mute switch, speakers and lightning port. You’ll also notice that there is a cutout for the non-existent headphone jack. This is because the 7 Plus has more or less the same dimensions as the iPhone 6s Plus.

You’ll also notice that the volume rockers are protected by some tactile button covers. This is a nice addition rather than having them out in the open where they could easily be damaged.


The rear of the case obviously has a slightly bigger cutout for the 7 Plus dual camera setup. The depth of the case is also sufficient enough so that nothing will damage the camera whilst your phone is placed on a work surface.


Moving to the front you can see that there is an obvious bezel to help protect the screen if you’re one of those people that puts their phone face down on the desk. Personally I can’t stand doing that, but each to their own.


I’ve been using the UAG Pathfinder for around one month now, and as with my iPhone 6 I’ve been incredibly impressed with the overall protection that UAG cases offer to your smartphone.

The case itself has an anti-slip design, which I know many people will be a fan of. There would be nothing worse than buying a £800 device, combining it with a cheap £5 case and having it slip out of your hands. Protective cases are here for a reason, and since you’re already spending a small fortune on a smartphone you may as well spend a little bit extra to further protect it.

As with all UAG products it has been military drop tested and meets the drop-test standards MIL STD 810G 516.6. Therefore you know that you’re protected against the sort of drops and accidents that are likely to occur in every day use.

I’m a big fan of cases that have a raised bezel to further protect the device display, and as with previous UAG cases this one is no different.

I can’t say it enough, I’m a big fan of UAG products and I’ve never had one fail me. The Pathfinder case is a solid and ultra-protective case that doesn’t break the bank. You’d be foolish not to wrap your phone up with this beauty.

Some might not be impressed that the Pathfinder has an incredibly similar design to other UAG products; but it’s a tried and tested design that works brilliantly, so why change it?