Universal Gooseneck Long Arm Clip-on Smartphone Mount Review

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There are hundreds of different camera and smartphone mounting products available, the majority being either too short or just not providing enough flexibility. The Universal Gooseneck Long Arm Clip-on Smartphone Mount from MobileFun solves those problems and costs less than £20.


The Gooseneck Long Arm Clip-on Smartphone mount, as its name probably gives away, is a smartphone mount with a rather long arm. This allows you to position your device in places that are normally not accessible using conventional smartphone mounts.

Sporting a heavy duty clip, the Gooseneck can be attached to any stable location of your choice.



The other end of the Gooseneck features a much more smartphone-friendly clip complete with rubber coated grips, which shouldn’t do any damage to your device. We even tested the smartphone mount with a small Sony CyberShot camera and, whilst the display was partially hidden, it worked very well.



The arm itself is actually over two feet long (68cm) and can be bent and manoeuvred in to any position you see fit. Whether that’s just to keep your smartphone of the desk and to keep yourself “handsfree”, or it could even be used to record videos if you require both hands to be free. An example of this is a video review, where you need to be focused on the product and not distracted by making sure the camera is in the right place. The bendable arm of the Gooseneck mount is extremely sturdy and, unless you change the position of the arm yourself, it will stay in exactly the same place.

You could even use the Gooseneck mount whilst in the kitchen. I, for one, no the pain of following a recipe on my iPhone to then get it covered in various ingredients. The Gooseneck mount can solve this problem by suspending your phone mid-air.


The mounting section of the Gooseneck is also able to move independent of the arm, meaning that you can change the angle of the smartphone just by pulling your device up, down, left or right.


Throughout my time using the Universal Gooseneck Long Arm Clip-on Smartphone mount, I’ve used it in a variety of situations including whilst cooking and attached my desk whilst working.

You’re not limited to those two scenarios though, the ways you could use this are endless. One customer review on the MobileFun website mentioned that they bought this to connect to their wheelchair and it worked fantastically.


Although only fully compatible with smartphones, the Universal Gooseneck mount is a great product that works just like any other smartphone mount but with the added bonus of being completely flexible and able to be placed in locations you normally wouldn’t think of placing your smartphone.

Perhaps it would also be a good idea to include a camera mounting accessory, so that small point and shoot cameras can also take advantage of the Gooseneck. It is primarily a smartphone mount, but the option would also be good.

Retailing for only £19.99 on MobileFun, down 20% from the RRP of £24.99, the Gooseneck Long Arm mount makes a great addition to the office, kitchen and can even be used as an aid to wheelchair users.

The build quality is great, thanks to the solid steel construction and the heavy duty rubber-coated bottom clip ensures that the mount stays securely in place.

With the ability to possibly increase productivity and save desk space, the Universal Gooseneck smartphone mount has a whole range of different uses and is very moderately priced at £19.99.


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