Urban Armor Gear Navigator iPhone 6 Case Review

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Protection for your smartphone is a must, and with all of the reports of the iPhone 6 “bendgate” issue now is just as good a time as any to find the perfect case to protect your device. The Urban Armor Gear (UAG) Navigator case for iPhone 6 is an impact resistant, ultra-light case which doesn’t break the bank at just under £25.

We all know that an au naturel iPhone is a very good looking thing, and it’s a shame to cover it up. However, most cases are designed with both beauty and protections in mind nowadays. Not all of them add much bulk to your device either. The Navigator just happens to be one of those protective, light-weight, attractive cases.

Urban Armor Gear

“UAG makes rugged, light weight, drop tested phone cases for the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy & Note series, LG G4, HTC One series, and Nexus 6. Our tablet line consist of rugged cases for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 & Surface 3, Apple iPad Air 1 & 2, and iPad Mini line.”

Product Overview

With the case available in a variety of colours, including Outland (orange) and Aero (blue), I’ve gone for the white model (Navigator) as I like the clean look of products that are white. It also matches my white iPhone.

Included within the box you’ll find the case, a HD screen protector to guard against scratches and a cleaning cloth.


As you can see from the picture above, the overall design oozes “protection”. With the various grooves and construction methods you can tell that some sort of effort has been put in with the design, unlike a lot of cases. A very unique design, might we add, with the five fake screws to give it a bit more of a “protective” feeling.

The case sports a two-tone colour scheme with all of the models featuring black scratch resistant skid pads and surrounds.

There are cutouts for all of the iPhone’s ports and buttons, all of which are still easily accessible.




There is also a cutout on the rear side of the case for the camera. As well as this, there are two cutouts on either side of the UAG logo. We’re not sure we’re a fan of this, even if it is part of the design, as it could allow something to scratch your device.



There’s a few things I’m really liking about the Navigator’s design. One being the grooves around the outer edge of the case. These really improve grip, and stops the device from slipping out your hand. Something that’s easily done without a case on your device.

The other being the raised front, which stops the screen from touching any surfaces if placed upside down. A very useful feature if you’re like me and like to place your device on its front.


Whilst the outside of the case is basically an “armor shell”, as stated on the UAG website, the inner section is where you’re phone is protected the most with the soft plastic honeycomb design adding to the cases shock absorption abilities.



To test the Navigator I basically used it as the main source of protection for my iPhone 6; going about my day, visiting the shops, seeing friends.

I’m definitely prone to dropping my phone now and again, and it was no different whilst testing the Navigator. The Navigator also meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6), which should definitely help me!


Having dropped my phone a good handful of times during testing I was was pleasantly surprised to find no marks on the case. Granted I dropped my phone around the house, but there were a few times where I was outside and the phone dropped from a considerable height on to both concrete and tarmac.

I’ve also been constantly placing my iPhone down on its front to test out the cases raised border. It works perfectly. If it wasn’t for previous cases damaging my phone, because they weren’t very good, I’d still have a pristine looking device after using the UAG Navigator.

Using my iPhone to listen to music, with both headphones and just using the speaker, was effortless. Audio quality was just as good as it is without the case, and it’s easy to connect your headphones up to your phone thanks to the slightly over-sized hole around the headphone port.


All other ports worked just as well too.


During my time testing the Urban Armor Gear Navigator case for iPhone 6, I literally don’t have anything bad to say regarding the cases ability to protect your device from the elements.

I’m still not sold on the cutouts on the rear of the device, which give access to Apple logo and a lower section of your smartphone. There’s a possibility that something could end up scratching your iPhone, and that just doesn’t sit right with me. Fortunately nothing did scratch the rear of the phone, so I suppose my opinion on the matter isn’t really valid.

As previously mentioned I really like the grooves around the edge of the case and the raised border on the front. These two features add a significant amount of protection.

With the price of the case not being much more than your standard, non-protective, case then you really can’t go wrong.

Taking in to consideration the low price, great design, ability to protect and the low-profile nature of the case we’re awarding the Urban Armor Gear Navigator case 10/10 and also our Great Value award.

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