Veho ZS-2 Sports Earphones Review

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Hunting for a pair of earphones to use when exercising can be a tedious task. There are 3 main things that need to be considered; price, comfort and sound quality. Usually you have to settle for two, if not one, of those options. But what if I were to tell you that the Veho ZS-2 earphones may be the answer to all of your audio needs whilst out on that run, or down the gym.

About Veho

Veho is a UK based manufacturer of lifestyle consumer electronics and has received global recognition for its fresh and energetic approach to product design and strong brand identity. With 5 global offices and sales distribution in over 100 countries Veho has fast become a household name for lifestyle gadgets and new technology worldwide. Veho has both consumer and commercial divisions, the latter focused on security and education sectors.


Product Overview

The earphones arrive in a somewhat basic outer packing, consisting of an outer cardboard casing and held in place by an inner plastic mould.

Included within the box:

-ZS-2 earphones

-Additional rubber ear buds


Packaging isn’t everything; upon removing the earphones you can instantly feel the high quality rubber finish. The ear surrounds feel nice and sturdy, and being made of rubber this creates a nice comfortable feel whilst wearing them. Even if, like myself, you wear glasses, the headphones fit comfortably. This is a pleasant change considering that these kind of sports earphones usually provide an extremely uncomfortable wearing experience.


The cable features the flat flex anti-tangle durable cord system that is an absolute blessing, because you won’t have to spend hours removing all the knots that somehow appear whilst they’re sat doing nothing in your pocket.


The connected is also gold-plated to help improve the connection between the headphones and the device you’re hooking them up to.


The sound quality is a lot better than initially expected. The bass levels are not amazing but they’re better than expected, and generally the sound is crisp and clear.

The ZS-2’s don’t feature a built-in microphone; but lets face it you’ve bought these to listen to music while you work out, not answer the phone.


Overall the Veho ZS-2 Sports Earphones surpassed my expectations.  These can be picked up from anywhere between £10-£30, depending on where you purchase them from, which is a bargain considering the quality you receive.

The sound quality is impressive, however the main thing that let them down was the slight lack of bass. This isn’t a massive issue because you can simply adjust the equaliser settings on your device, but I also found that the sound can get slightly tinny and distorted when at an extremely high volume. This shouldn’t cause too much of an issue though, considering that you’re the only one that should be listening to the music so it doesn’t necessarily need to be up full blast.

The design, materials used and the overall build quality make them extremely comfortable to wear, even when glasses are worn.

So to summarise; if you are on a budget, or after a cheap, well made pair of earphones to use while at the gym or when out for a run then I urge you to give these a go.

Offering good value for money, being comfortable to wear and having decent audio quality are the reasons why I am happy to award the Veho ZS-2 Sports Earphones 8/10.

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