Vizo Master Panel II Review

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The Vizo Master Panel II

The unit itself is black in colour and features many ports and dials on the front.
Vizo Master Panel II Review

The ports and dials have been arranged in groups:

  • USB, eSATA and 1394 ports (Bottom left)
  • Audio Ports (Bottom centre)
  • Fan Controls (Top right)
  • Memory Cards (Top left)

The memory card ports support just about any type of card so most of your memory sticks and cards will most definitely fit.

Located on the bottom right of the unit is the Vizo Logo and website address.
Vizo Master Panel II Review

As expected, the back of the unit is where all of the cables will be attached ready to connect up to your motherboard.
Vizo Master Panel II Review

Vizo have been kind enough to label every part of the unit to make connecting up the unit a simple task for most people.
Vizo Master Panel II Review

The unit installs the same as any other 5.25″ drive and has more than enough holes on the sides for you to screw the unit in. Once the unit is screwed in, you’re ready to begin the installation of all the necessary cables.