Vizo Orbiter Hard Drive Cooler

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Testing and Results

To test the Orbiter I am going to compare HDD temperatures with and without the Orbiter installed. To take the temperatures I am going to use SpeedFan which can read temperatures for HDD’s as well as pretty much every other piece of hardware in a computer system. These temps are all under load states as that’s what matters with this product; performance when it’s needed. All results will be averages taken over a 10 minute time span at 1 minute intervals.

Hard drive used for testing: Hitachi HDS721680PLA380 (80.0GB).

Vizo Orbiter Hard Drive Cooler

As you can see there is a huge difference between the two results, with the Orbiter cooling the hard drive by 6c on average. It may not seem like much, but when you see the miniscule size of the fan on this cooler, it really defies belief.

It defies belief further when you consider that the fan is pretty damn quiet too. Whilst in operation it didn’t create as much noise as I expected. Smaller fans are generally speaking much louder than their big brothers but the fan on this cooler kept pace with its larger ancestors.