Vizo Saturno 2.5″ External HDD enclosure

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The installation of the drive was relatively painless. The hard drive slotted in place nicely and there were not real hassles in putting the casing on. Admittedly twitchy users or those with cumbersome hands may find the miniscule screws hard to deal with but I didn’t find that they were a problem.

The installation of the software is painless too, simply insert the disk the software auto runs and you only have to click and enter a single serial number for the One Touch Backup software.


As HDTach doesn’t work on Vista I will be using HD_Speed. This basically does the same thing just with a few less features.

To test we will format the HDD to the NTFS file system and run the test for 3.00 minutes taking the average speed from the program at the end.

HDD used: Samsung HM160HI