Vizo Saturno 2.5″ External HDD enclosure

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Results and Conclusion

eSATA results: 58.7 MB/s Read 63.9MB/S Write
USB 2.0 results: 24.4MB/s Read 27.8MB/s Write

These results are slightly strange in that the read speed is lower than the write speed over both interfaces. This probably has something to do with the Hard Drive which was brand new for this review.

It is obvious from these results that eSATA is by far the superior interface and I would recommend it to all that can utilise it.

Other Factors


The Saturno will set you back about $40 – £25 ish. This is a little steep but it is pretty good value considering what you get.


The Saturno is a solid performer when using either eSATA or USB though eSATA is faster the USB speeds for this enclosure are faster than most. The Saturno is feature packed and comes with all the accessories you could want.

Bottom line: Want an enclosure for your 2.5″ HDD? Look no further than the Vizo Saturno one of the best enclosures money can buy.

5 Star Award