Wraps Rainbow Headphones Review

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Having somewhere to store headphones when you’re out and about is an issue. Especially if you’ve already got your phone, wallet and keys in your pockets. The Wraps Rainbow Limited Edition headphones allow you to wear your headphones on your wrist, as a stylish bracelet. Featuring an anti-tangle cable & 10mm dynamic speakers the Wraps headphones sound impressive on paper, but will they impress in real life?


We’re testing the Limited Edition Rainbow version of the Wraps headphones today, which from my understanding just means that these are the same as the standard Wraps headphones – just with a stand-out rainbow colour scheme.




Personally, I think they look great. They’re vibrant and fun, and definitely stand out in comparison to standard headphones.




In terms of hardware, the Wraps Rainbow headphones are sporting 10mm dynamic speakers with 20Hz – 20kHz Frequency Response and 80dB/1mW Sensitivity – so we’re expecting some relatively decent audio quality during testing!


The headphones also feature a universal one button microphone so you can play/pause your music and answer calls on the go, which is a nice addition.


I found this button incredibly easy to use, and it worked flawlessly with my iPhone.


The microphone is situated on the rear of this housing, which seemed to work well during testing with the audio being both clear and of a high quality.



The main feature of the Wraps headphones is the ability to wear them on your wrist. The way that this is achieved is by wrapping the cable around your wrist until the headphone jack and the corresponding connector (pictured below) meet. It’s just a case of clipping the jack in to the connector to secure the headphones around your wrist.




The earbuds are fairly simple in design, sporting the same yellow colour scheme seen throughout the Wraps Rainbow design. A black band, sporting the Wraps logo, is present in the centre of the earbud, which helps to break up the yellow slightly.




In terms of audio quality I’m extremely impressed with the Wraps headphones. I’ve tested them with a wide range of genres including heavy drum and bass, and even some classical. The headphones sound as if they have been finely tuned to perfection. Bass was responsive, with the mids & highs complementing the bass extremely well.


As well as sounding awesome, the headphones are actually very comfortable – an issue I normally find with other headphones. I don’t seem to have an issue with these headphones falling out, unlike others I’ve tested. I put this down to my odd shaped ears though, so it’s generally hit or miss, for me, whether headphones fit properly!


If the pre-installed silicon tips aren’t to your liking, there are actually two other sets of different sized tips included with the headphones. All together there are three sets of silicon tips – small, medium and large.




I’ve tested the Wraps Rainbow headphones for a little over a week now, and I have to say that I’m very impressed.


The sound quality is extremely impressive, and they’re comfortable to wear. My wrists are fairly small, but with the adjustable connector, to secure the headphones around your wrist, this isn’t an issue and the headphones should be able to easily fit around any sized wrist.


My only concern about the headphones is that the plastic used on the earbuds and microphone enclosure seems quite cheap, and could become damaged easily. Other than this, the headphones have performed incredibly well.


The Wraps Rainbow headphones retail for £29.99, and can be purchased from the Wraps website.


If you’re looking for a pair of affordable, vibrant and great-sounding headphones, that can also be worn around your wrist, then the Wraps Rainbow headphones are the ideal choice.