Xenta 20W 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar Review

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Soundbars are definitely becoming the way forward for TV audio. With the vast majority providing an uprated audio experience whilst watching films, TV or just listening to music, it’s surprising that the Xenta 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar only retails for £39.99 from Ebuyer.

Despite the low cost, the Xenta soundbar provides 20W of power, features an AUX-in port, a remote control and can even be wall mounted. As well as these great features the overall build quality, even though the entire product is constructed from plastic, is well above what you’d expect from a product in this price bracket.


The design of the Xenta soundbar is fairly basic. You’ve simply got your speakers on the front, covered with a black cloth, with an LED indicator in the centre; the Xenta logo at the end of the soundbar; and all of your ports and buttons at the rear (including left and right audio inputs, the power switch, power plug and an air vent).


There are also some feet on the underside of the soundbar, for those of you who won’t be wall mounting the speaker.


In terms of the internal hardware, there’s two full range 50mm 10W speakers on either side of the soundbar. From these two speakers you’re looking at around 88dB of output sound, with a frequency response of 80-20KHz.

Included in the box you’ve obviously got the bluetooth soundbar itself, along with a remove control, an RCA cable, the owners manual and some wall fixings to help mount your speaker to the wall.

Installation & Testing

Obviously there’s a couple of ways to test this particular soundbar. There’s via Bluetooth, or via the AUX input.
Seen as though my 42-inch LG Plasma TV isn’t the newest of TVs I’ll be hooking up the soundbar using a cable. The process is painless, and depending on your TV you may have to adjust some of the audio settings on your TV so that the audio only comes out of the soundbar, instead of the soundbar and the TV.

As I’m connecting the Xenta soundbar to my TV using the AUX input, the LED indicator on the front is lit red. When using the speaker with a bluetooth device, this LED display blue instead. A small, yet handy feature on the Xenta Bluetooth Soundbar.

Control of the soundbar is done via the included remote control (AA batteries not included), which is again relatively simple in design. There’s an option to switch sources, adjust the volume level and also mute the soundbar.

When connecting to the soundbar via Bluetooth, it’s simply a case of turning on your bluetooth and selecting the Xenta soundbar from your list of devices. A series of beeps indicate that you’re connected and ready to go.

The speakers on my LG TV are actually quite decent, so I wasn’t expecting much of an improvement by using the Xenta soundbar. However I was pleasantly surprised, and found the level of bass and mid-range audio to be very impressive. The highs were a little tinny at full volume, but for a £40 speaker you can’t go too wrong with the Xenta 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar.

Using the soundbar with my iPhone produced the same high quality audio, and could easily act as an impressive speaker for use at small gatherings / parties at home.

The bass was actually pretty low, but the rest of the levels were well balanced and made for an all-round decent audio experience.


Overall the Xenta 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar is an impressive bit of kit. The two 10w speakers certainly pack a punch, and offer great audio quality inside a low-priced hard plastic shell.

This is a great option for those on a budget, and for those looking to improve on just using their TV’s built-in speakers.

You can check out the Xenta 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar here, available for just £39.99.