Xigmatek Dragoon and Cuirassier Memory Heat Spreaders

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The Heat Spreaders


Starting with the Cuirassier which is the more conservative of the heat spreaders it is possible to see that they are solidly constructed and much thicker than stock memory coolers. The Cuirassier features a black metal body which is the main contact point for the memory and entails a set of cooling fins on the top.

The cooling fins are reasonably thick and span the entire length of the heat spreaders. They help increase the heat spreader’s surface area which will mean faster dissipation of heat away from the memory chips.

Xigmatek Heatspreaders

Along the main base of the spreaders there are several notches along with the Xigmatek logo and company name. This is quite simple styling but certainly adds a sense of flair to the RAM heat-sinks.

Xigmatek Heatspreaders


Now onto the Dragoon which is the more outlandish of the two heat spreaders. It follows the same basic design as the Cuirassier except for a few differences.

The first difference is the extra heat sink atop the spreader and the second difference is the heat pipes which run the length of the spreaders and are in direct contact with the memory chips.

Xigmatek Heatspreaders Xigmatek Heatspreaders

The extra heat sink features several closely spaced fins which also have the heat pipes running through them. They are quite flexible but are fairly free to slide along the heat pipe, this is unlikely to cause any problems but indicates quality issues.

Xigmatek Heatspreaders

The heat pipes themselves run along the inside of the cooler either side of the contact plates. They are made from copper and sit flush with the rest of the cooler so as to ensure the best contact surface area.