XQisit XQ S20 Bluetooth Speaker Review

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We’re definitely not strangers to the Bluetooth speaker category having previously tested some great portable speakers, including the Soundface Bluetooth speaker and SoundFreaq Pocket Kick – all of which performed amazingly well. Today we’re taking a look at the XQisit XQ S20 Bluetooth speaker. It has a moderately high price tag of £54.99, but with a passive subwoofer, up to 20 hours of playback time and the very cool feature of a built in portable charger we could be on to a winner.

In terms of design, the S20 is definitely one of the better speakers I’ve used. It sports a black grill on the front, surrounded by a silver rim (on the black model), with a matte black finish on the rest of the speaker.

2396824a-be07-42c0-8d8b-14f86ac04c43-2280-0000046f4edb6480_tmpThere are plenty of ports and buttons scattered around the speaker, including AUX IN, a USB port for charging other devices and a microUSB port for charging the speaker, on the right side, as well as the power button and volume controls on top.


img_1074Included in the box:

  • XQisit XQ S20 Bluetooth speaker
  • microUSB cable
  • AUX cable
  • Instructions

Speaker Features:

  • 6W HD stereo speaker w/ passive subwoofer
  • Frequency Response: 150Hz –  16k Hz
  • 5 hours operating time / charge time
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Bluetooth 2.1 (A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP)
  • Integrated 2500mAh LI-ion battery pack

Installation & Testing

As with most bluetooth speakers the XQisit is extremely simple to setup. To connect the speaker you simply enable bluetooth on your device and put the speaker in to pairing mode. Once that is done you’re all set and ready to listen to some tunes.

Sound Quality

Having tested quite a few incredibly small and portable speakers in the past I’ve experienced many with great audio quality, and it’s safe to say that the XQisit S20 has joined that list.

Whilst not one the loudest of speakers that I’ve tested, it is certainly capable of some incredibly clear highs and lows, as well as some decent bass response, considering its size. You’re not going to be using this at parties to blow people away, but as a small & portable speaker at home or out at the beach you can’t really complain about the audio quality.

Microphone Quality

With regards to calls the audio is very good, with both speaker and microphone quality being equally as clear.

Build Quality

The build quality is very impressive, solid and made of high quality materials. It’s exquisite (excuse the pun).

Portable Charger

As we mentioned earlier, the speaker also doubles up as a portable charger. The included 2500mAh battery is more than capable of charging up your smartphone from 0 to 100% on one charge, and only takes 1.5 hours to recharge.

This cool feature proved to be a great addition to what is already a very good speaker.


With great built quality, audio quality and the fact that is has a built-in charger for your smartphone, the XQisit S20 bluetooth speaker is definitely one to check out. It has a mid-range price at £54.99, but with the integrated portable charger included you’re basically getting two products in one.

It’s a shame that the speaker uses Bluetooth 2.1 instead of 4.0 and above, but everything else we tested worked very well. The S20 would be a great Christmas gift.

For those of you who are in the market for a new bluetooth speaker, check out the XQisit S20 here.


  • Great audio quality
  • Small form factor with a well-refined clean design
  • Fits in pocket quite easily
  • Decent battery life
  • Integrated portable charger for devices


  • Uses Bluetooth 2.1
  • Bass could be a little deeper at times