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XtremeMac TRX Speaker Dock: Introduction

The XtremeMac Tango speaker dock is a 2.1 speaker system offering Bluetooth wireless connectivity and conventional docking methods for iPod, iPhone and iPad. Relatively unheard of in the UK, this product immediately got our attention, does it compare with speakers from Bose and Sennheiser? Time to find out in this XtremeMac Tango TRX review…

Speaker docks have grown in popularity significantly in recent years. With music streaming services such as Spotify and low cost downloads readily available, the need to own a CD player is over. But what has always been the problem is sound quality. While you might be able to have a raving disco with your big bulky hi-fi system, your cheap tiny iPod dock doesn’t quite pack the same juice. The sound is normally direct, doesn’t fill the room and lacks enough bass to make a penny bounce, let alone your girlfriend’s body. But we all knew this would change.

While the big companies attacked the market head on using their brand name to sell products, a number of smaller companies have crept up and also made an appearance. XtremeMac are one such company, not that well known in the UK, they offer many Apple accessories, mainly cases, but they also have a number of speaker docks.

The Tango TRX is sold as a “2.1 high-fidelity audio system”, for those of you who are unclear what high fidelity is, its sound production with little or no distortion, much alike the original. As if the name doesn’t already suggest, it’s apparent Tango colour scheme has been adopted (Orange and Black), which seems to be the brand colours for XtremeMac.

Tearing the box open in anticipation, you’ll also find a remote included, various adapters for iPad, iPhone and iPod, an AC Adapter and mains plugs for every foreign power socket format you can think of.

The remote is very simple, while not packing too many buttons it has all the needed ones and also additional bass and treble controls. If you didn’t want to use the remote, you can also download XtremeMac’s App, which allows you to use your device as a remote control as well – useful when using it over Bluetooth.

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