XtremeMac Tango TRX Review

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XtremeMac TRX Speaker Dock: Overview

In terms of design, XTremeMac’s Tango TRX comes as a wedge shaped speaker dock, with the speakers slanted upright for maximum sound projection. The complete unit is matte black, with a unique honeycomb pattern and orange accents on the volume knob to add some uniqueness.

At either sides of the speaker dock are feet that are rounded at the bottoms; these elevate the Tango giving a floating illusion. Moreover, the main principle of elevating the unit is to allow airflow for the subwoofer, which is installed at the base of the unit.

On the left side of the Tango TRX you’ll find the dock connector located. This dock can be used to seat an iPod, iPad or iPhone, with additional support provided using the dock connectors, to ensure your device is perfectly secure. Another welcomed addition would have been a dock connector to protect the connector when not in use.

Above the volume control dial are led indicators to show volume level and what source the player is currently using. The buttons to adjust the source, power on/off, treble, bass and play/pause are located across a thin rubber strip on the top of the speaker dock.

The complete speaker grill is a black fabric, which is secured to a plastic frame. This can be removed from the dock, underneath showcasing two tweeter speakers and two mid range drivers.

At the rear of the XtremeMac Tango are the AC power connector and an aux connector, enabling you to plug the device into other brand portable music players, your laptop or any other device with a 3.mm headphone output.

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