Zaward Golf Fan II

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As you can see from the results, the temperatures achieved by each fan are only marginally different. However, it’s still clear as to which are the better fans.

In terms of the Idle temperatures, the Zaward Golf Fan II manages to score the lowest temperatures for the CPU, GPU and System. This success is replicated in the Load results with the Zaward managing to achieve the lowest CPU temperature. However, it draws with all the other fans in keeping the GPU temp at a safe 63 degrees and falls slightly short by one degree in the System temperature – with the Coolermaster stock fan beating it slightly. But all in all, it seems the Zaward Golf  Fan II comes out at top trumps – which is quite surprising, as I thought the Akasa Apache Fan’s 9 fins may have taken the lead in terms of airflow.

Zaward Golf Fan II 2 Zaward Golf Fan II 2


After listening to each of the fans carefully and comparing each one, I have organised each one by noise. Starting with the quietest:

  • 1. XThermal BTF120PRO LED
  • 2. Coolermaster Stock 120mm
  • 3. Zaward Golf Fan II
  • 4. Akasa Apache

These results seem to correlate with the airflow results with the XThermal’s lower RPM helping it to achieve lower noise levels but failing to keep up with the low temperatures which the other fans scored.