Zaward Golf Fan II

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Zaward’s innovative Golf texture design has cleverly worked wonders in these tests with the fan managing to score the lowest temperatures in the airflow tests and also achieving a respectable low operating noise. The accessories included with the Golf Fan II are also handy with screws and rubber vibration pegs/washers included – which unfortunately many manufacturers do not include.

Although the performance and package of the Zaward Golf Fan II is a true winner, I can’t help mentioning that the Coolermaster Stock 120mm fan came very close to beating the Zaward, which needless to say, would be frankly embarrassing. So therefore, the final conclusion for this fan needs to take into account the price. Which unfortunately, in this instance, I cannot find any retailers selling it. However, if the price is under £10 (which the original Zaward Golf Fan was), I’ll recommend this as a safe investment.

5 Star Award