Zotac GeForce GTX 550 Ti AMP! Edition Review

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Building a new computer isn’t the easiest of tasks. You’ve got to choose the right processor, RAM, motherboard and most importantly, the graphics card. This is where the Zotac GeForce GTX 500 Ti AMP! Edition comes in to play. It retails for around the £100 mark and offers 1GB of GDDR5 memory.

Also, thanks to the GTX 550 Ti being carefully tweaked and tuned for the best performance possible, it should prove to be a relatively cheap and great performing card. Let’s take a closer look…


The overall look of the card is fairly sharp and attractive with a black and dark yellow colour scheme. Obviously, we’ve got the fan in the centre of the card, a single 75mm fan to be exact. The fan is situated just above the heat sink, which is attached to the GPU.

As you can tell from the image below, the GTX 550 Ti does not feature any fancy heat pipes or advanced cooling solutions, but in terms of power to heat ratio, it shouldn’t need as much cooling as some of the more expensive, and even more powerful, graphics cards.

The rear of the card carries on the black and yellow theme with a completely black board. If you look in the top corner, you can also see the 2-way SLI connection.

Now, ZOTAC have slightly modified the design of the NVIDIA GTX550 Ti, on which the AMP! Edition is based, here so that the AMP! Edition also features a port to make Display Port connectivity possible. As you can see, there are two DVI ports, a HDMI port and the Display Port.

Above these, the hot air from the card will be blown out whilst in use. However, due to the size limitation, some hot air could be blown back in to the PC. If you’ve got decent case airflow, this shouldn’t cause too much of a problem though.